Gabriel Dutra

Computer Engineer @ CEFET-MG

Software Engineer @ Databricks


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This is when my story began :)

I was born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.

Jul 1997

Dev World? What is that?

My first code experience was with GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. I was 12 and I used to play it a lot... The gamemodes were programmed using Pawn language, which is very similar to C.

Jan 2010

Let's get to work

My first job in the area was an internship at the Computer Department in CEFET/MG.

This is where I met and got to know the Linux penguin (Tux). I learnt a lot about infrastructure, servers, network and computer maintenance.

Set 2012

Time to Study

Approved at the Technical School of UFMG (COLTEC/UFMG), I started my highschool focused on Computers and Technology.

Feb 2013

Brazilian Informatics Olympiad L1/2013

1st place in the state of Minas Gerais in the first step.
69th place from 1069 participants in the XV Brazilian Informatics Olympiad, in Level 1 programming modality.

Set 2013

Trip to Borås, Sweden

I went with COLTEC/UFMG to Borås, Sweden in a project in partnership with Bäckängsgymnasiet school.

Aug 2014

Brazilian Informatics Olympiad L2/2014

66th place from 712 participants in the XVI Brazilian Informatics Olympiad, in Level 2 programming modality.

Set 2014

Highlight on the Internship Program 2015 - Hackaton CI&T

Participation and highlight in the 2015 Internship Program - Hackaton.

Nov 2014

Scientific Initiation in Human Action Recognition

First scientific experience in Computer Science, worked with the teacher Virginia Fernandes Mota in her PhD research: Tensor Clustering for Human Action Recognition.

Apr 2015

Honor at the Brazilian Informatics Olympiad L2/2015

20th place from 1231 participants in the XVII Brazilian Informatics Olympiad, in Level 2 programming modality.

Out 2015

Graduated at COLTEC/UFMG

Highschool was beaten. I'm now a Computer Technician.

Dec 2015

Internship at CI&T

I worked as a Developer in the Coca-Cola international project.

Feb 2016

College Stage Started

Started studying Computer Engineering at CEFET/MG

Aug 2016

Internship at the I.T. Core CEFET/MG

I started working as an intern at the IT Core CEFET/MG.

Mar 2017

Internship at AppProva

I started working as IT Intern at AppProva.

Apr 2018

Developer at Redash

I started working as a Web Developer at Redash.

Feb 2019

What will come next?


My Hobbies


More than just a sport activity, a new way of life. I started cycling in 2014, it was love at the first ride. Today most of my daily transport I choose to do by bike. I'm often cycling around near by cities and exploring new places, it's always an adventure! You can follow me on Strava.

Rubik's Cube

Nice to exercise the brain, relax or entertain. There are lots of different kinds of cubes today and it's another world I'm deep inside. You can see my profile on the World Cube Association


I really enjoy learning new things and when it comes to music you always have a lot to learn. I started with a harmonica, the instrument which I'm always carrying in my bag. Keyboard/Piano was my second instrument. During my lunch time at highschool I used to play the school's piano and that's my favorite instrument of all. Today I can play the harmonica, the keyboard, the piano and the violin.


Cheers! Prost! Skål! Saúde!

I enjoy drinking different types of beers. Beer License is all among my Open Source codes. Did I make something useful to you? Pay me a beer!

BTW, my favorite one is the IPA!

Other cool stuff

I often have some creative ideas that I love doing myself. This picture is from my chalkboard wall, I made the ink using white glue and spent a day painting it!




Coffee or Beer?


Hey, have a seat, if you want to chat and share a coffee or a beer, my contact information is below ;)

Camera Viewer - CEFET/MG

Project developed to be a tool for CEFET/MG employees to access the cameras. It was developed using jHipster (AngularJS 2 + Java Spring)

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Java Game (Ksen Game)

Final work in Programming Technology subject at COLTEC/UFMG - Game developed in Java. It was done using several technologies learnt during the course, such as: Sockets, JDBC, Threads, Java2D and Slick2D. Code available in Portuguese only.

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Oportunity Central - CEFET/MG

This platform was developed during the contest DECOM Celebrations celebrating 10 years birthday of The Computer's Department CEFET/MG. The focus is to help students find extra activities at college. The system was developed using PHP backend with Slim Framework and frontend AngularJS + Bootstrap.

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Catapults - OpenGL Game

Medieval version of the game Asteroids, First Practical Work of the Computer Graphics subject - Computer Engineering CEFET/MG. Developed with Bruno Damacena

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